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Toxic Amber

Toxic Amber

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Toxic Amber embodies a captivating paradox, fusing danger and allure into an intoxicating elixir. A daring blend of smoky amber and mysterious spices creates a fragrance that lingers on the edge of danger. The initial burst of spicy notes entwines with the warmth of amber, evoking a sense of forbidden allure. As it settles, a dark and hypnotic essence emerges, leaving a trail of intrigue and seduction. Toxic Amber, an enigmatic potion, is for those who embrace the thrilling and embrace the forbidden, encapsulating the essence of danger with an irresistible allure.
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  • Top Note

    Wild Berry, Toffee Apple

  • Heart Note

    Violet, Floral

  • Base Note

    Amber, Cane Sugar

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