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Oud Nectar

Oud Nectar

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Oud Nectar captures the essence of luxury in a bottle, blending the rare and captivating oud with a luscious infusion of sweet nectar. This exquisite fragrance opens with the alluring richness of oud, its deep and smoky notes commanding attention. As it evolves, a sweet and indulgent nectar emerges, adding a layer of opulence and sophistication. The seamless fusion of these elements creates a mesmerizing scent that exudes elegance and allure. Oud Nectar is a divine elixir, a harmonious balance between the exotic and the indulgent, offering an irresistible olfactory journey that lingers with sophistication and depth
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  • Top Note

    Oud, Patchouli

  • Heart Note

    Oak Moss, Amber, Cashmere Wood

  • Base Note

    Amber, Labandum, Civet

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